About The Public Source

The Public Source is a Beirut-based independent media organization. It is dedicated to reporting on socioeconomic and environmental crises afflicting Lebanon since the onset of neoliberal governance in the 90s, and providing political commentary on events unfolding since  October 17. 

We write deeply and critically on vital issues from local perspectives — both in the moment and after the dust has settled — in the service of public interest

المكب مقفل

About Our Work

We conceived The Public Source as a platform for in-depth, long-form accountability journalism. With the spark of revolution, we precipitated our publishing date and launched the platform with Dispatches from the October Revolution to convey the spirit of the day and offer insider observations into the multi-front struggle against the governing political-economic order. This section is open to all workers, organizers, activists, and agitators, students and intellectuals, theorists and academics, artists and researchers to share ideas, collective experiences, and analyses at this critical historical moment. The Dispatches are mostly in written form, but we also experiment with photography, sound work, and video production.

Our investigative series Chronicles of the Crisis examines the material effects of hegemonic systems and structures in Lebanon. It focuses on processes of enrichment for the few and dispossession of the majority, infrastructural collapse and environmental devastation, de-funded healthcare and education, privatization of the coast and public domain, and politics and economies of humanitarianism and migration, among other issues.

Comictern is a platform for politically-charged fictional and non-fictional comics. It is dedicated to struggle by all available means, for the love of the comic medium and the creation of an accessible space for struggling comic creators. Our comics embrace personal anecdotes, journalistic reports, and fantastical tales, tethered by critical issues and local experiences.

The Public Source promotes and supports a culture of whistleblowing to expose abuses of power and to contribute to processes of accountability. On Sarreb (Ya Sha3bi), a whistleblowing platform hosting secure and anonymous communication channels, sources motivated to help us further this mission can share information and documents worthy of public exposure.

Our Structure

The Public Source is founded on principles of non-hierarchy, voluntary and temporary association, and mutual aid. Our organizational structure is core to our vision of setting a model for local and independent accountability journalism.

Our Editorial Line 

Loyal only to its editorial independence, The Public Source exists on the margins of the Lebanese mediascape dominated by the political agendas of ruling parties through relations of patronage. 

We strive to forge bonds with the communities whose struggles we report on, and work diligently to earn and maintain the trust of our story subjects, sources, and readers. Because of this positionality, we distance ourselves from a journalism that presents itself as neutral or balanced, and aim to disrupt power structures that benefit from the creed of objectivity.


Lara Bitar — Editor in Chief
Kareem Chehayeb — Investigative Journalist
Sintia Issa — Editor at Large
Mansour Aziz — Art Director
Julia Choucair Vizoso — Managing Editor
Rabie Mustapha — Arabic-Language Editor & Translator
Christina Cavalcanti — Editorial Assistant
Annia Ciezadlo — Investigative Editor
Karim Merhej — Researcher & Writer
Yara El Murr — Journalist
Yazan Al-Saadi — Senior Journalist
Omar Thawabeh — Arabic-language Translator
Amy Chiniara — Resident Comic
Layla Yammine — Journalist

Our Funders & Supporters

The Public Source was launched with the support of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung's Beirut Office. Our organization is receiving grants from NAWA Media, the European Endowment for Democracy, Medico, Birmingham City University's Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, and forumZFD for periods ranging between one month and one year. Lebanon Support's Civil Society Incubator is providing The Public Source informal support and services for one year. 

We thank our funders and supporters for believing in our mission and for helping us actualize our vision. 

Seeing that most of our grants are non-renewable, we are now asking our readers to help us continue our work by donating directly to us. Sustained contributions allow us to maintain our editorial independence and keep our platform ad-free.


Independent media in Lebanon cannot sustain itself without your support. We rely on readers like you to produce indispensable local journalism, please donate today!