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Bruised fruits and kitchen utensils are laid around the green metal column of the Fiat bridge in Beirut.

Life on the Streets of Beirut

Real estate speculation, combined with the absence of state policies to ensure housing as a basic right, created housing precarity well before the economic crisis. Dana Hourany |

A black and white image of the Beirut grain silos which consist of a white concrete building with 14 cylinder shapes. The sea and a boat can be seen in the foreground.

The Beginning and End of Beirut’s Iconic Grain Silos

A photographic history of Beirut’s port grain silos Gioia Sawaya, Marwan Tahtah |

On the left, two old men chat before a mural by Tripoli’s visual artist Ali El Rafei, close to Al Shiraa Square in El Mina. At the top right corner, a picture of politician Ashraf Rifi covers part of the mural.

If These Walls Could Speak

If Tripoli's walls could speak, what would they say? Fátima Fouad el-Samman |

With new appliances now unaffordable, repair shops for washing machines, stove tops, and fridges have become a common sight in the neighborhood. Nabaa, Lebanon. June 26, 2021. (Mohamad Cheblak/The Public Source)

Nabaa’s Changing Face: Repurposing and Refurbishing in Times of Crisis

Once thriving markets are now shuttered, storefronts are turned into repair shops, daily life is being reworked. Yara El Murr, Mohamad Cheblak |