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A black and white image of the Beirut grain silos which consist of a white concrete building with 14 cylinder shapes. The sea and a boat can be seen in the foreground.

The Beginning and End of Beirut’s Iconic Grain Silos

A photographic history of Beirut’s port grain silos Gioia Sawaya, Marwan Tahtah |August 04, 2022

On the left, two old men chat before a mural by Tripoli’s visual artist Ali El Rafei, close to Al Shiraa Square in El Mina. At the top right corner, a picture of politician Ashraf Rifi covers part of the mural.

If These Walls Could Speak

If Tripoli's walls could speak, what would they say? Fátima Fouad El-Samman |May 25, 2022

With new appliances now unaffordable, repair shops for washing machines, stove tops, and fridges have become a common sight in the neighborhood. Nabaa, Lebanon. June 26, 2021. (Mohamad Cheblak/The Public Source)

Nabaa’s Changing Face: Repurposing and Refurbishing in Times of Crisis

Once thriving markets are now shuttered, storefronts are turned into repair shops, daily life is being reworked. Yara El Murr, Mohamad Cheblak |September 13, 2021